Building Block

Building Block

BB Project Space presents IKO IKO

BUILDING BLOCK Project Space is our studio showroom turned seasonal residency which invites designers and artists to showcase their work in a dedicated, personalized setting.

Welcoming IKO IKO for a Spring 2019 shop-in-shop residency.

IKO IKO is a Los Angeles-based concept space which focuses on the measures of design: a proposal around experience, a different proportion, new thoughts on presentation to express a particular angle of life. IKO IKO is steered by Kristin Dickson-Okuda and provides the context for her clothing and accessories project, Rowena Sartin, and her partner Shin Okuda’s furniture project, Waka Waka, as well as the work of a few select artists and designers.

The shop-in-shop will be open to the public during regular store hours through May 26, 2019.

IKO IKO Shop-in-Shop Residency
April 12 - May 26, 2019