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Waka Waka

a limited edition collection with furniture design studio Waka Waka

Los Angeles

The things we use eventually age and can become something different and personal with time and wear. Building Block and Waka Waka introduce their first collaboration that experiments with time-treated surfaces and hand made wooden shapes. When exposed to sunlight, the overt pattern and molded forms on the leather surface of these bags will naturally begin to fade, becoming a different bag that reflects an individual experience over time. Available for a limited time at IKO IKO

For order inquires on bags please contact

146 large squiggle 1 lr 95 large squiggle 2 lr 93 large molded 1 lr 85 large molded closeup lr 86 large dumpling 2 lr 94 large dumpling 3 lr 81 large fold 4 lr 82 large fold 1 lr 96 large fold 2 lr 91 large tassels group lr 92 large tassels 2 lr 88 large poster lr 89 large poster closeup lr 119 large 78 original ww pieces lr