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BB House recipe - Eat Nunchi

Friends of BB and the artists behind NÜNCHI, Lexie Park + William Hu, show us how they brew up special drinks to fill their BB glassware. Below they graciously share a recipe for their corn latte, a combination of flavors beloved by many Koreans :-) Plus a special appearance of freshly brewed corn tea served in their Bubble Carafe with Minjae Kim stopper. Enjoy!


3 ears Corn
150ml Milk
20ml Condensed milk
100g Ice
20ml Espresso

Boil three ears of corn, strain then slice kernels off the cob. Set aside 2 tablespoon of corn kernels for garnish.

In a blender, blend corn, milk and condensed milk until smooth and sieve through a fine mesh strainer.

To serve: in a cup with ice add corn milk, your favorite espresso shot and then top with corn kernels.

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