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Building Block

BB House recipe - Emily Eisen and Nestor Grace

As we near the end of Summer, we've been craving a drink that boasts the best of this season's produce. We asked our friends Emily and Nestor to come up with a bright recipe to enjoy in our new Bubble Glass.

Peachy Tomatillo Fizz
Recipe by Emily Eisen and Nestor Grace

1 Part freshly squeezed peach juice
1 Part freshly squeezed tomatillo juice
Top with fizzy water
Garnish with mint flowers or dehydrated citrus

Preparation of the liquid assets:
Peach Juice: Mash a very ripe, almost overripe peach, with a fork and pass through cheesecloth to extract juices.
Tomatillo Juice: Hull and clean the tomatillos, chop and blend. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve to separate the pulp from the juices.

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