Building Block

Building Block

Ruby Woodhouse

Photography by Ruby Woodhouse

Ruby Woodhouse is a photographer and brand consultant who lives and works with her partner Abel on the south side of London, UK. Together they founded the design firm 1934 which primarily deals in twentieth century furniture but has recently expanded into styling, consulting, and interior projects.

Ruby embodies a life that doesn't seem to be divided between work and life. In the best way, there is no distinction but an overall harmony between her personal and professional sensibility--quiet, subtly lived-in, yet thoughtfully researched. Ruby tells us about her personal routines and, at last, becoming comfortable with her own uniqueness while in the last year of her 20's.

Usual breakfast routine?

I’m not very good at getting up—so usually Abel is up before me trying to make me get up…We then make sure we have breakfast together without phones. Abel is good and has porridge but I prefer toast with cucumber and hummus—we’ve started making tea pot tea—loose leaf English breakfast and earl grey mix (highly recommend) and then it's on with the day.

What brought you to the current city in which you reside?

I have lived here since I was a teenager—it's convenient more than anything and is close to London. It's a seaside town which is so nice during the summer—sometimes we even swim (emphasis on sometimes!) I’ve worked and studied here so it feels very familiar which I used to not like—but as you grow up you can appreciate the comfort of seeing people you know and having a good routine.

What inspires your daily wardrobe and its color palette?

I used to wear a lot of dark colours but now its more tonal—I feel it lightens the mood a bit as well! I only ever really wear trousers because I like something a bit more practical and you don’t have to worry when you wear trousers. I worked in a vintage clothes shop for 5 years and my style changed a lot over that time—experimenting and layering—it was very fun! I maybe know a bit more what suits and fits me now so my wardrobe isn’t as vast—but it's definitely influenced by that time.

What about your life now, would be most unexpected to your younger self?

I used to be very shy—so I think that if I had told myself I would be talking out loud to more than one person without going red I wouldn’t have believed it. Also, having confidence in one’s own ideas and presenting them—I would have hidden away from any tasks like that!

What values do you share with your personal life and practice?

Everything is intertwined with our personal life and practice. We are never not discussing something work related in a way—so its hard to differentiate between the two—which can sometimes be overwhelming. However, we’ve also resigned ourselves to the fact that it's just the way that we work!

Given unlimited resources, what is project you’ve dreamed of actualizing?

Building a house—one day! That’s our big dream!—or even just space and equipment to experiment with photography and sets.

What's your favorite thing about being your age right now?

I’m 29 and it can feel like a funny age - on the cusp. Sometimes you feel like an adult and sometimes not. I think what is nice about the prospect of turning 30 is leaving behind the angst of your 20’s and starting a new decade, with everything you've learnt and a quiet confidence that things are going as they should.

Ruby owns a Beltpack in Vegetable Tanned Leather.
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